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If an adult or child in your family requires legal intervention because of incapacity, Jerry Miller can handle your legal needs and act as your advocate during a family challenge. A guardianship may be limited to personal affairs or health care decisions, or it may be a full guardianship wherein a legal guardian in appointed to oversee every aspect of a person’s life, including, but not limited to, where they live, medical care, income or assets.

A guardianship may be required for:

  • A child named the beneficiary of a litigation settlement
  • Adults who cannot take care of themselves and do not have an effective power of attorney
  • Minor children who have lost a parent
  • Minor children who inherit outside of a trust
  • Developmentally disabled persons

A guardian is subject to court supervision. Once designated, the guardian is responsible for a financial accounting and management of the estate and they also protect the person’s assets and income. Jerry Miller can set up the guardianship, maintain it, and advise the guardian of their duties and reporting obligations.

In those instances where an incapacity (incompetence) determination is required, we also are experienced and capable of providing those services, whether on behalf of the person asking for the incapacity determination, as a guardian ad litem for the alleged incapacitated person or as an advocate for the alleged incapacitated person or family member having interest in the matter.


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