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Elder Law

Jerry Miller has the knowledge of the local senior population and their unique needs to work in the field in elder law and bring more to this field. He is aware of the physical and mental difficulties that often accompany the aging process. Because of his broad knowledge base in this area, he is able to address the legal needs of his clients.

When planning an estate, Jerry Miller takes into consideration the health of the person or couple, the potential for nursing home care and the wishes and concerns of the person or couple if that event were to occur.

Elder law covers all aspects of planning, counseling, education, and advocating for clients. Mr. Miller is a resource to his clients because he understands his clients’ needs, which may extend beyond basis legal services and he is especially sensitive to the legal issues impacting elder clients.

Legal issues involving this population include, but are not limited to:

  • Will and trust planning, planning for minor adult specials needs children and probate
  • Health and personal care, and business planning (powers of attorney, living wills)
  • Capacity – guardianship and/or guardianship avoidance
  • Planning for a well spouse when the other spouse requires long term care – asset care, Medicaid and insurance
  • Fiduciary representation, financial planning, income, estate and gift tax issues


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